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It Takes a Village

As we start up 2024, we're going into this year with a great group of people and horses alike. If you've followed us on social media, you'll know that Sabina Sifrin has joined our team as a barn manager trainee and has quickly begun her own barn and training projects: she's especially taken a liking towards Corky and Monty, and has much nicer and straighter handwriting than Addy and Dayle! Corky has been good for her on the ground and is benefiting greatly from consistent work, and we are just happy that we finally have the woman-power to give her the time she deserves!

All our adoptable horses are in a steady riding program and we can thank not only our great riders (Zaharah, Emily Ann, Natascha, Jeanine, Sarah and Sabina, who fit in as many horses into the limited hours of the day as they can) but also our incredibly vets, especially Dr. Amelia Lee, who has been instrumental the last couple months in diagnosing some soreness issues and getting lots of teeth done! We were also lucky enough in the second half of 2023 to have Dr. Nicole Cunningham, Dr. Heather Craven (chiropractors), and Dr. Vanessa Hanscom (massage therapist) come out and do lots of body work on the boys.

We are incredibly excited and thankful this year for

something we've been waiting quite a while for: an upgraded arena! Our generous landlords are adding sand so we will have much improved drainage for those rainy southern summers, and our fantastic volunteers Sarah and her husband Dave have spearheaded revamping our jumps: coops, rock walls, new standards, oh my!

We were able to adopt out 3 horses in 2023, Apollo, Leo, and Natty, and we're hoping that 2024 brings all that love to our boys Strollie, Shay, Cheater, Sully and Monty. We are available for any specific questions on these guys and happy to tell you our current plans and expectations for them!

Last but not least, Happy Belated Birthdays to all the Thoroughbreds out there <3

Happy Trails everyone!



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