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Adoption Process

Thank you for considering an off the track Thoroughbred as your next equine partner!

Step 1:
Submit an Application

Potential adopters may submit an application by mail or e-mail.  The application includes questions reguarding experience and stabling along with veterinarian and personal references.  Potential adopters are required to have the ability to provide quality healthcare, quality hay, grain, supplements, farrier, dental and veterinary care whether at home or at a boarding stable.  If you are not an experienced horse owner or rider, you will have the assistance of someone who is. 

Step 2:

Processing time may vary depending on circumstances and availability of references.  Please do let your references know they will be contacted by  SWTP.  SWTP will contact you by email or phone once your application has been processed with your status. 


Please note that we require the care facilities is free from barbed wire fencing, has adequate shelter from the sun or extreme cold and provides quality hay, grain and suppliements. (no coastal hay).

Step 3:
Select a Horse

Available horses are on our website, however, please contact us with any specific questions you might have.  Appointments can be made to see the horse at our location or a committment can be made based on the information provided from our website and an interview with our representative.   If you have a trainer, please do include them in this process.

Step 4:
Adoption Fees

Adoption fees start at $500 (Pasture Pal) and increase based on the level of the horses potential and training.

Step 5:
Adoption Contract

The adoption contract is for the life of the horse.  Unforesen circumstances can arise, and if you are unable to continue to care for your horse, SWTP has a "forever return" policy. 

Once the adoption process is completed , the horse must be moved within seven days.  Once the grace period is over,  daily care fees will apply.

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