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This week's winner for best behaved gelding?

All of them. Seriously, all of them are superstars.

Our newest rider Natasha has been hard at work with Natty and, as of yesterday, new guy Glenn!

Natty has been figuring out how to move in a frame and it has been delightful to watch and ride. He really does try his best to do what you're asking and shows improvement after every session. We will hopefully be trying him over a couple cross rails tomorrow or Thursday! Glenn was a little squirrelly and nervous at first, but ended up settling nicely after just a few minutes. We'll have to work on his steering a bit, and like most ex-racers we'll need to work on him being still at the mounting block, but that's all to be expected. He's got a really pretty movement and will likely do well in dressage, so that's where his training will be headed.

Addy has been needing to see a chiropractor and finally did this afternoon, so hopefully she (I, hello!) can do a little more in the saddle now. I've been able to continue working with Apollo, who has been learning to neck rein and went out on a nice and relaxed solo trail ride the other day. Our goal tomorrow or Thursday is to be out for 30min to an hour to see how he does. So far, he's curious but not spooky out on the trail/dirt road and doesn't rush home when you turn him that way, and as a picky critic of a good trail horse, I'd say he's doing incredibly well.

It's been on Dayle's list to get the mares inside for the day to get a thorough grooming session in and with Jeanine's help today she finally was! The deshedding continues, manes got trimmed, and many treats were given.

Thanks for reading, and hope you all have a great Easter weekend!


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