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Is That a Horse or a Unicorn?

So I was sitting in the Toyota dealership while my truck was being serviced, working on the day's Second Wind Instagram post (which happened to feature a nice picture of Shack trotting) when an employee walked by and said "Is that a horse or a unicorn?" To which I responded "Well that depends, we hope he's someone's unicorn: he's up for adoption!" To which they said"...oh I meant the tattoo on your arm, I have no idea what you're talking about now", because of course he wasn't just looking over my shoulder watching me edit and post this tiny phone-screen-sized image of a horse...silly me.

Other than awkward encounters with strangers, which let's be honest - all us animal people are use to - its been a fairly uneventful few weeks here at the farm. The biggest news is that everyone's favorite hunk Apollo got adopted a month ago by the Wear family of Dillon, SC and from what we have heard he is living his best life: he's got a little herd of 2 mares and a donkey, lots of a green grass and apparently enjoys swimming in their pond! Strollie and Natty both went to a small show in Camden and were entered in a few classes: Stroll's was very well-behaved and relaxed, showing much more reserve and maturity than his first show back in November (to be fair he was well-behaved at that one too, just quick) and got 2nd in one of his pre-green over-fences classes! This was Natty's first show so he was a bit excitable, but after some schooling he settled nicely enough to earn himself a 6th out of 14 in one of his flat classes! Huge thanks to Emily Ann for showing them both and doing a great job with them, and shout-out as well to her for performing beautifully on her own mare Kiss! Our newest rider Grace, who adopted her gelding Finn from us a couple years ago, was additionally able to show him and they did well also. Go team!

Our volunteers have been stellar, per usual, but we are especially thankful for their help over the last couple weeks because Addy (hey!) had to do a quick trip out to Wyoming for an old job and to tie up some loose ends from her move back east last October. Jeanine enjoyed her stay in Addy's "Barnpartment" and was able to help Dayle out quite a bit, Sarah continues on her journey to rehab the barn bathroom, and sweet Anyston, as always, helps keep our horses well-groomed and buckets well-scrubbed. Emily Ann and Natasha were both able to work with the boys a few times, though there are no updated pictures because Addy was being a cowgirl (I'd be lying if I said I didn't have a blast reliving my life out west).

That's all for now, happy trails everybody!

-Barn Manager Addy


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