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If I was 12 again, I'd still ask my parents for a horse...

And probably specifically for Natty Beau.

All us girls here agree: this is the guy we'd fall in love with. He's certainly not for a beginner rider, as most 5yr old off-the-track Thoroughbreds are not, but he is perfect for an intermediate rider who wants to grow in their skills and who also wants a gelding with a goofy personality. Not to brag, but all the ladies who ride here were talented equestrians at young ages and probably could have handled this bright and relaxed little guy in the short-stirrup division. His only set-back in that regard is that he is limited to flat-work only, as jumping will likely be too much on his left knee. He can probably do a few cross rails from time to time, but it should be very sporadic and just to keep his brain working - the few times we did jump him he certainly seemed to enjoy it!

Sweet Natty Beau has been with us for over a year and had surgery last August ('22) to remove bone chips from his left knee; our beautiful friends Bette and Leon paid for that procedure and we are forever thankful for them <3. He had 4 months of recovery from there: lots of hand walking from Dayle, then gradually more and more time in the pasture, and finally to a full-time life of leisure with his fellow geldings. This past January we started him very lightly in the roundpen to

work on his trust: he was a product of many claiming races, earning ~$107k during his racing career (winning 6 out of 25 starts), and never really bonded with anyone during that time. After many small sessions in the roundpen, lots of grooming time in the cross ties, and just hanging out with Dayle and Addy, we had Emily Ann hop on and its been a beautiful and easy progression with him every since! Seeing this young man light up around his humans and improve after every ride has been so fulfilling: he has won all of our hearts, and when his perfect person does come along we will be sad to see him go. That being said, this guy will make someone very happy and we want him to find the best home where he can be someone's main focus: a life full of easy rides, sunny trails, and plenty of butt scratches!

Left: Natty racing, 2020

Below: Natty and Emily Ann, July 2023

Natty Beau is also special to us because we know how truly wonderful the mares in his bloodline are, as we've been able to retire quite a few of them here: his granddam (Private, '96, JC Private Trail), dam (Pilgrim, '07, JC Pilgrim's Trail), and 2 aunts (Elsie, '08, JC Holy Trail and Peggy, '03 (pictured with Private)), all shown below in their beautiful mare glory, respectively. A huge thanks to Elsie Wilson Thompson and her family for ensuring that these girls had an easy and healthy life after their broodmare careers were over!!


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