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Dark Bays and Longer Days

First off, let me apologize for that long hiatus! Everything has been running beautifully at the barn; all the horses and ladies are just fine, I've just been neglecting this blog. So many updates! Let's begin:

As we all know in South Carolina, summer is upon us, even if not officially. The days are hot and long and the flies are relentless, but we press on. Apollo continues to be a fantastic trail buddy, though in true Thoroughbred fashion, he is very anti-bug. He also seems strangely more confident when he goes on trail rides solo vs. with another horse, so we've been working on that. Otherwise he's still a joy to work with and continues to be the most spoiled hay vacuum in the barn. Strollie is still strollin' along with us, and will hopefully be going to his first show since his first show last November this coming weekend: we expect him to be just a lovely as that first trip out! And of course Natty Beau is still impressing all of us with his amazing attitude and willingness to work and learn. All these boys have had some interested potential adopters but no love connections yet.

Our group of rideable horses has expanded with the addition of Sully who is finally done with his rehab! Emily Ann got on him last week and though he was a bit silly (he is only 4, after all) he was a good boy who seemed to know he had a new job to do. So far he's been fun to work with and a very cute addition to the riding schedule. A fun surprise has been adding Corky to that list as well! Addy and Sarah had been working with her on the ground, and Emily Ann was able to get on her for the first time a couple weeks ago. Corky's biggest flaw is her lack of trust in people and her herd sour behavior with her mares, so we're working on all that as best we can. She would make a very fun project for someone experienced, quiet and patient, who's looking for a horse who needs a gentle hand and has a lot to offer. She's going to be one of those mares who absolutely loves her person...we just need them to find her!

All the mares continue to be fat and happy, Cheater is steadily putting weight on, and Vander is still a mystery but also still doing well. Dayle and Addy both got to take a few days off and enjoy mini-vacations, Emily Ann and Natasha are still coming out regularly to ride and be awesome, and Sarah, Jeanine and Joyce have all been so helpful with daily chores and good stories. Our newest volunteer Anyston is the sweetest kid and a big thank you to Sarah's friend Monica who did stalls the other day just to smell the horses :). A quick shoutout to Hilary and Hannah: we know you're busy but we miss you!!

Stay tuned for next time: there will be show updates and possibly a couple new faces! Stay kind, drink water, and Apollo wants to emphasize to not skimp on the fly spray.

Thanks for reading!



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