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Learning the Art of Relaxation

And thus, the blog has begun! Barn Manager Addy will do her best to keep up with this, with the goal being at least one post a week to catch anyone who's interested up on any fun updates and progress.

First off, we got 2 new boys in a couple days ago! Glenn, JC Theheatofthenight, and Cheater, JC A Great Affair (this goober on the left). They arrived from Charles Town, VA sound and in good health. They are both good to start retraining, but they'll get about 2 weeks of downtime to settle in and hopefully learn to relax! It's been nice watching them start to enjoy turn-out longer and longer each day. So far Glenn is getting the hang of it quicker than Cheater, but if you're someone who is good at winding down, like myself, then you know it can take some practice!

We've had a bit of a pneumonia issue, so unfortunately Dayle has been sick and Addy (me, hello!) has been filling in on some more shifts. That did mean there was less time for riding, but what riding did get done was good and productive. Apollo is still on lite duty but is such a good little student: he practically had no steering when we first restarted him and now is very responsive when you're moving him around. Strollie has a tendency to get forward when he's had a few days off in a row, but he was incredibly quiet today during our flat session; a bit distracted by the new boys running around but otherwise super good. Natty Beau is just the cutest little guy: he tries so hard and has such a good attitude. You can see his brain working when you ask him for things, and today we just did a simple walk-trot-canter ride. Our goal for these 3 next week is to get them all out on a trail ride to see how they'll do!

I believe that's it for this week's big updates. Talk soon, Thoroughbred Family!


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